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....yes, I know it's been forever since I last posted, well, anything. I'm going to see if I can get back in the habit, because writing is good for me.

And now I ramble on recent events/politics in MinnesotaCollapse )
<Sion> Also, I am probably like. the hotel staff's favorite kind of guest.
<Sion> leaves do not disturb sign up all the time AND leaves room clean
<Bones> If I recall, that is because of your habit of cleaning.
<Sion> Well
<Sion> It would be rather rude to simply leave things a mess, I would think.
<Sion> Certainly it would be rude to leave things in disarray after being a guest in someone's home, after all, so why therefore should it be any different in other lodgings?
<Bones> Oh, there is some justice in what you say.
<Bones> Yet, well, many would argue that the servants at these lodgings are not paid to not perform such tasks.
<Sion> Well, to change the linens, wash the bathroom, vacuum the floor, and such things, certainly, but those are all tasks that are typically not expected of a guest in any place.
<Bones> There is some justice in what you say.
<Sion> I am glad that you think so.
<Sion> ....of course, there is also the small matter that, if one conducts oneself in such an orderly manner, the risk of losing or forgetting some of one's possessions is also greatly reduced in the process.

....basically my thoughts on hotel stays in a nutshell. I mean, you're paying for a furnished room, someone to come make your bed daily and even change the sheets if you need it, have new towels provided as needed, and various other such tasks, why should they be responsible for picking up after you, too? It isn't that hard to just toss any trash you have in the wastebasket, and so on. And besides, cleaning up after yourself at the end of a hotel stay means you're FAR less likely to forget something that you left buried in a pile of junk. :|b

Random fanboying

Idly poking around youtube led me to stumbling across this, which I have to say is a pretty nicely done and very fitting for the series. The title of the video is a nice touch, too- it reads "The Legend of the Unending Sorrow". Which is.... well, in many ways more appropriate for denyuuden than the series might seem at first glance. Speaking off, I need volume 10 of daiden like. NOW....

This is also a halfway decent AMV done in the style of an op sequence, and I can forgive the errors in the English titles on account of the creator obviously being Japanese. And there's also this AMV that keeps failing to load fully for me but what I have seen of it isn't bad! And then there's these two which are just plain good and about the only thing that would make it better would be if he did the full versions. >_>

....and then not related to denyuuden at all but I really kinda like the song this is set to.

ACen, again (now with humorous quotes!)

Man I meant to post this like. TWO WEEKS AGO go me. Anyway this is only relevant to all the ACen people so.

sahodoichiro (10:00:59 PM): oh sweet patrick stewert is voicing this science channal show cool
acdragonmaster (10:01:08 PM): Nice.
sahodoichiro (10:01:33 PM): he has one of those voices that are like butter in your ears

I had the strangest dream last night. It involved chintzy Japanese souvenir shops, Star Trek t-shirts, and a massive organized fantasy LARP event at the Mall of America.

......I don't even KNOW, man.

Nerding and ACen stuff, I guess...

First of all, I bought an Ainu-English-Japanese dictionary with a gift card I got for Christmas. Because yes, I am that much of a nerd. >_>

Second... well, I think this really speaks for itself:

<Masamune> ....so I picked up a fat pack for Mirrodin Besieged the other day and am only just now going through it and like. out of five packs I've opened three of them have had foil cards.....
<Tavi> your karma, I want it
<Masamune> Sadly they're just foils of common cards and not mythic rares, though.
<Masamune> But still what
<Masamune> ....
<Masamune> ...wait I
<Masamune> I take that back
<Masamune> this pack I'm going through has a foil
<Masamune> AND a mythic rare
<Tavi> l-lol

....yeah. :D

Anyway, since I thiiiink everyone who's going is registered and all, ACen list!

PEOPLE and thingsCollapse )

Cool things

By which I mean "random interesting stuff found on the internet".

To start with! Wooden watches. Yes really. I kind of want one.

And then there's this starship bridge battle simulator, which I think speaks for itself, really. anyone wanna try putting a game together at ACen--

Finally, for something completely different, well, just see for yourself. |D
So one of the potentially amusing things about games like Suikoden that let you name your main character/army/castle is the potential for terrible, terrible puns, depending on what you put in. (For example, I've heard of people naming the hero in Suikoden I "Bates", so that whenever he's addressed as "young master"....)

Of course, one of the problems for me is, I'm just as likely as not to be playing said games in Japanese, which is somewhat more limited in options for such jokes and puns--or at least ones that would make sense to anyone who doesn't know Japanese.

Until today, when I realized the most perfect thing to name my army...

Can you guess? :DCollapse )


Aaaand I'm off to Japan. :D See you all in a week~

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I need an appropriately x_x icon....

Note to self: quit working on cosplay early tonight due to exhaustion from combination of food coma and sleep dep; am now about half a day behind schedule.

I swear, this cosplay....!

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I'd just like to say that silk is a royal pain to work with at times. Especially when attempting to do nice little seams. But oh does it LOOK gorgeous.

In the mean time, I just realized I still need to get some fabric yet for this project, whoops. At least it's something I should be able to find easily enough, though.

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My PSP might get some use after all...

Welp, my day is made.

On another note, does anyone have any suggestions for what to use for styling cosplay wigs to KEEP it styled without it just looking like it's full of hairspray? As in, I need to braid the wig for the costume I'm working on, and then transport it to Japan...

ACen NERD PARTY room stuffs

First off, THE LIST SO FAR, please tell me if I'm missing someone or have someone listed incorrectly.

This is starting to get long...Collapse )
So, I may have gone and ordered a subscription to Dragon Magazine. Which, for anyone who's not familiar, is a Japanese publication of serialized fantasy novels and manga. It's the magazine that Fullmetal Panic and Slayers ran in, and Legend of the Legendary Heroes currently runs. The first issue of which may have arrived this weekend.

....I have to say, I think I'm gonna enjoy this. |D

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Language nerd ramblings, move along....

One thing that kinda gets to me, is just how big a deal is made about new words being added to some dictionary or another. Or the question of whether or not a word is in a dictionary, and so on.

Now mind you, I do like having consistent grammar and standard spellings and so on, which is largely what a dictionary is for- to compile a list of the known words in a language, list their spelling, and define them. In this way if someone uses an unfamiliar word, we can look it up.

However, a dictionary isn't the be all end all of a language. Just as an encyclopedia isn't the definitive source on all topics. There are things that exist that an encyclopedia has wrong, or has become outdated on, or simply doesn't cover in the first place. But that doesn't mean that those things don't exist because they aren't defined.

The same is true of a dictionary. While yes, the addition of a word to a major dictionary is often a good indicator of what words have been adopted into a language, it doesn't mean it's now officially a word because it's in the dictionary. In fact, it's more the opposite: it's now in the dictionary because it already is a word commonly used and understood by significant part of the speakers of the language.

This doesn't mean, though, that anyone can just make up a word, give it a definition, and have it become part of the language. Sure, there's no reason at all why a person can't use made-up words as much as they like, but unless other people start using them as well, it won't become a part of the language at large, and thus wouldn't be included in a dictionary. But again, inclusion comes after the question of whether or not the word is already a part of the language or not, it doesn't make it magically a part of it just because it's now included.

In short, dictionaries are great resources, but it's natural for languages to change and evolve, and thus strictly limiting ourselves to existing vocabulary is, well, more than a little silly.

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Yay getting things I didn't sign up for?

I got an e-mail today from paypal informing me that I'd been automatically enrolled in their "paypal advantage" thing that is supposedly for their best customers. I haven't the faintest clue WHY, but hey!

I forgot what I was actually going to post

Legend of the Legendary Heroes continues to be amazing though I want the next novel now dangit. ;_;

Sengoku Basara is ALWAYS hilarious, especially SB2: Heroes and the anime drama CD. I can't listen to the Takeda Man Festival on the drama CD without cracking up until I'm practically crying.

I will post a review of sorts of this fan-made live action Megaman movie I stumbled across whenever I get around to actually finishing watching it. >_>

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On how to enjoy a TCG

I have learned, in my experience, that the best way to enjoy those things known as trading card games, is to just decide from the outset whether you want to buy it to play the game, or to collect the cards. It's possible to be a player and enjoy the game fully, or be a collector and enjoy it. More often than not, though, it seems that trying to be both is the road to madness.

Why? It's simple. If you're interested in playing the game, you'll want to spend your money on the packs and decks and single cards that work best for the deck(s) you use. Shelling out a little extra money for additional copies of a particularly rare but extremely useful card, for example. On the other hand, if you're collecting, getting one of each possible card is more important. Saving up to buy that one last rare card to complete your set to the exclusion of all others, and so on.

Where this starts to conflict, obviously, is when you want to both play and collect, but you only have money to either buy the card that perfects your deck, or buy the one that completes your set. How does one choose, in such a situation? Either way there's the potential for disappoint, and the alternative is to spend more than you really can afford.... And so on and so forth.

And so, in my opinion, it's much wiser and more satisfactory in the long run to simply pick one or the other. That way you can put all your effort and focus into it, without having to worry about unrelated things.

....unless, of course, you're so filthy rich that you can afford to just casually toss hundreds or thousands of dollars around to do both, but if that's the case it's kind of a moot point, anyway. ;p

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Sometimes I wonder....

...what people would think if, say, instead of their job that they find tedious or annoying or otherwise not worth putting their full effort into, they had to actually hunt and gather or grow their food, and build their own house, and so on. If nothing else, even with the worst of jobs, knowing that it's what stands between oneself and working from sunrise until sundown just to have the barest of necessities ought to be plenty to motivate anyone to put some heart into their work, I think.

Apparently I'm weak to fantasy novels

...so I caved and went and ordered a subscription to Dragon Magazine, aka the Japanese anthology that series like Slayers, Full Metal Panic, and Legend of the Legendary Heroes run in. My excuse/justification is that surely it wouldn't be such a terrible thing to have a magazine full of Japanese light novel chapters to practice reading every other month, right?

On another note, this amuses me both for the hilarious number of cartoon theme songs, as well as how well that guy sings. Also this for the Chrono Trigger fans. |D

Also, my current status on cosplay is woefully behind schedule, but at least I managed to go through the tubs of stuff in my room and get rid of anything that was no longer usable or salvageable. Also also, I need to actually go work on translations for certain things. >_>

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